The revenue-driving AI you’ve been waiting for

Not impressed with AI lately? We don’t blame you. By now, AI should be doing more for you than saving 5 minutes of time writing copy.

Postscript AI goes live July 24.

  • Drive more revenue from your top-performing flows, effortlessly

  • Move away from outdated and time-consuming A/B testing

  • Unlock insights about your customers and business

What our customers are saying

“I think this is probably the future of SMS. So, yeah, I’m stoked.”

“The most usable AI that I’ve seen a marketing vendor launch…some of those things don’t really even save time but this is like a huge revenue driver.”

“I was expecting it to be corny and not on brand since most AI is not on brand for us. But that was impressive.”

“This was way above expectations.”

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