Traditional phone system or cloud? How to choose the right tool for your company

You’ve decided you need a professional business phone system for your

Maybe you’re just starting out and have realised that giving customers your mobile number isn’t ideal. Or perhaps you’re simply tired of all the problems you’ve been having with your current phone system.

So you start searching online and find yourself trawling through hundreds of confusing results. Or you seek advice from your friend who runs her own business, but she isn’t 100% satisfied with her current phone system either.

“Those business phone systems are all the same” she adds.

But are they really?

Of course not – as you’ll find out below. But first things first.

What Is The ‘Cloud’?

The ‘cloud’ is a system of remote servers that allow you to use services via the internet. The cloud forms the basis for all kinds of applications and platforms, such as Netflix, WhatsApp or your email account.

Cloud technologies offer three key advantages:

  • No additional hardware is required, so they don’t take up extra space
  • Zero maintenance and repair costs
  • Services and applications can be accessed and used anywhere

So… what is a cloud business phone

A cloud business phone system operates using cloud technology and delivers all the benefits that internet-based services have to offer.

Imagine you’re expecting a call from a customer and you need to leave your desk to finish some work.

What do you do? Give them your mobile number and risk appearing unprofessional or being called at weekends?

This problem does not arise with a cloud business phone system!

…because you can take the company phone number with you wherever you go. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

Sounds pretty handy, doesn’t it? …Particularly now that working from the office has become rather complicated.

Traditional business phone system vs cloud business phone system

Here you can see what’s required to install a traditional business phone system. It’s quite complex, especially if something goes wrong.

This image shows you what’s involved in setting up a cloud business phone

You probably spotted a few differences…

Now let’s compare the most common features of a traditional business phone system and a cloud business phone system.

Cloud vs Traditional business phone system

In a nutshell, the two systems differ in three major ways:

Traditional business phone systems:

  • Hardware components that are often bulky, complicated and require regular upgrading
  • High maintenance costs that fluctuate unpredictably
  • Obsolescent technology that relies on local telecommunications infrastructure

Cloud phone systems :

  • No hardware components (software as a service)
  • Fixed costs that cover system maintenance and updates
  • Advanced technology that simply requires an internet connection

The systems are also quite different in terms of customer support.

Obviously, there are lots of different cloud business phone systems available. It’s important to carefully weigh up your options because your phone system will have a major impact on your company’s sales, communication and customer service.

At Voxloud, we understand the importance of having a stress-free and bug-free phone system. That’s why we developed a highly professional business phone system for SMEs that lets you communicate like a large company.

Why choose Voxloud?

Voxloud is the first cloud business phone system that you can activate in 59 seconds.

Our cloud phone system helps companies make a professional impression whenever customers contact them – no matter how many employees they have or where they’re based.

Four fabulous reasons for working with Voxloud:

  1. Our company is exclusively dedicated to the development of cloud business phone systems
  2. More than 1,200 SMEs in over 100 different sectors currently benefit from our services
  3. Our control panel gives you the freedom to independently configure and manage your phone system
  4. We’re committed to providing outstanding customer support and our specialised technicians are always on hand to help (which explains why we have so many satisfied customers)

What features does Voxloud offer?

Not bad, don’t you think?

Now it’s time to decide – you can either:

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We work alongside companies like yours every day.

Our support team will do everything they can to make your experience with the Voxloud cloud telephone system as smooth as possible.

We’ll help you configure your phone system so that it best meets your specific needs and give you valuable advice about system management and maintenance.

Once your system is up and running, our customer service representatives will be at your side to assist with any technical, commercial and administrative issues you may have. You can look forward to quick and friendly support across all channels: chat, email and of course, telephone.


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